It's been a looooooooong day.
We have first stopped in the Rijksmuseum, but we didn't have much time there because we arrived late because of the traffic. We didn't see much... What a pity!

After the Rijksmuseum, we have headed to the city center to the Dam Square. It's been a city walk through the canals of Amsterdam and the typical views of the city. Ours students have been shopping and some of them have has their lunch in Mcdonalds!

It's time to go back to Nijmegen because we have to pack our suitcases for tomorrow!


One more day in Holland. Today we have taken a bus to go to Arnhem, a beautiful and historical Dutch city. There we have visited the The Dutch Open Air Museum.

This activity has been divided in two parts.

In the first part, we have visited the interactive museum with different parts of the Dutch History. It's been fun! We have been take to other times, we have had the possibility to pilot a virtual boat, we have been chasing and hunting a deer or we have had the possibility to see ourselves with fascinating old looks!

And can you guess who these students are?

After these interactive moments, we could go outside to the open air museum. In it there are real buildings, objects and true stories to bring the past to life. Look at some pictures we have taken there:


Today we didn't go to school. We met directly in the LUX, the cinema, in the city center. There we watched a film in English: Hidden Figures.

After the film, the students had to go for a walk in the city center and take some pictures of the most important places. Here you can see some of them:

After the city walk, we had our free time to have lunch and we met again at 15:30 near the river to get on the Pannenkoekenboot. We had a round trip on the river Waal and we also ate pancakes. There was also a surprise, a ball pool!